Jet ski rental Montenegro
This is how we have fun in Montenegro

Jet Ski in Montenegro – Get the fun started

Whoever had the pleasure to drive one of those water-tearing beasts KNOWS – there ain’t no fun like driving a Jet ski on the gently rough ocean. The adrenaline is raised just like the fun on your vacation.
Whether you drive a two seater or three seater the fun is still the same. However you could really say in this case two is a party three is a crowd – at least in our experience. From the beaches in Ulcinj all the way to Herceg Novi in Montenegro almost EVERY beach has at least one to five rentable jet skies.

How much does a Jet ski rental in Montenegro cost?

It is always different from place to place but the price mainly varies between 90 and 120€ per hour and 35 and 50 for 30 minutes of extreme joy on the waves. The reason for high rental prices is mainly the gas consumption and high utility costs and let’s be fair this is sort of a luxury.

How safe is it to drive a jet ski in Montenegro?

This question as ridiculous as it may sound to us all is important to attach to the thought of driving a jet ski. There are some safety matters to consider when renting a jet ski anywhere in the world. First and foremost is to always start easy. Don’t just go full throttle as soon as you get on a jet ski because there might be children or grown ups under the surface who you might not see and accidentally hit.

Second of all always wear the wests they give you before getting on a jet ski. In case you fall off the jet ski and if you land on your back the west will soften the hit and prevent any bruises or greater injuries. Always put the key ring around your wrist so that in case you fall off the jet ski SHUTS DOWN and that way won’t present a threat. Last but not least DON’T EVER DRIVE A JET SKI CLOSE TO THE BEACH!

The police water patrol may have much understanding for tourists and visitors of Montenegro and their need to have fun and joy, thus they will not stop you and ask for a jet ski drivers permit but they will fine you HEAVILY for breaking the rule of NOT entering the beach area with a jet ski.

Follow the rules and drive the jet ski responsibly and you will have an awesome day out on the water – GUARANTEED