Jaz beach in Budva

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Beautiful, very spacious and tends to explode from time to time. No we are not talking about lethal explosions we are talking about explosions of fun because this beach will pack your boring life routines and send it to the north pole. Jaz, beside Ada Bojana, is the most famous beach in Montenegro and this beach spells fun with capital letters. It is located 2.5 km west of Budva city. It consists of two parts, one 850 m long and the other, formerly a nudist beach, 450 m long. It is a pebble beach, with a campground along the greater part of the beach (capacity 2,000 lots).While it is a popular beach for sunbathing and camping, and is one of the longer beaches in Montenegro, it has gained international prominence as a host of numerous concerts and happenings in recent years (like:The Rolling Stones played a show on July 9, 2007, as a part of their A Bigger Bang Tour,3-day Live Fest held in August 2008 that consisted of: Lenny Kravitz and Armand Van Helden, Madonna performed one of her Sticky & Sweet Tour concerts at the venue on September 25 with 50,000 in attendance) More exciting and mind blowing events are yet to come, join us in an exciting every new summer.

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