Bar shines with a specific harmony of diversities. Its elegance and beauty make Bar a modern town advancing each day.

Bar is a coastal town located in southern Montenegro. According to the 2011 census, it has a population of 40,037.

It is the center of the Bar Municipality and a major seaport. At the same time, Bar is a very trendy vacation spot. You can find many fascinating marvels here. Among them, most appealing is the Old Town. King Nikola’s palace is a well of diplomacy. Here you can learn of the rulership
of King Nikola. As well as his ways of diplomacy. Another charming marker for visitors is Haj Nehaj. An ancient fortress built in the 15th century. Adding to its charms, are many churches and monasteries. Festivals are a big part of Bar. Here you will enjoy numerous cultural events.
Some of the most interesting are: The International TV Festival, Meetings under the olive tree and the Bar Chronicle.

The green side of Bar

Even though it’s a port town, it has abundant green fields. More interesting are the natural monuments. One of them is The Old Olive, which is more than 2000 years old. The second is the Skadar Lake National Park – an oasis of tranquility and the biggest birds reserve in Europe.

If you are a beach fanatic, Bar will positively amaze you. Various beaches will leave you speechless. The most remarkable are the Dobre Vode, Sutomore, and Čanj.

What to see in Bar?

The Old Town

Nested on a cliff of mount Rumija. Inaccessible from three sides, this town is almost impenetrable. The defensive position and the source of water were the main reasons for this location. Within its walls are still the remnants of numerous churches. Buildings of different styles and periods.
There are foundations of the Roman Gothic Cathedral. St. George from the XI century, as well as two Gothic churches of St. Catherine and St. Veneranda. From the Turkish period, there is gunpowder storage and baths. Outside the city, there are remains of the aqueduct. It brought water from the mountains into the city during the 14th and 15th centuries.

King Nikola’s Palace

Built on the coast, in 1885-the palace is a gallery of the King’s daily life.
The palace consists of several buildings – The giant palace, the small palace, a chapel, and a winter garden. It also has a park with Mediterranean plants. In front of the house is a wooden pier for boats and Yachts. Here King Nikola greeted distinguished visitors.

Haj Nehaj

This ancient town originates from the 15th century. It is 10 kilometers northwest of Bar. Its strategic position of 225 m.a.s.l makes it very inaccessible. Within the remains of Haj Nehaj is the church of St Dimitry.
This church originates from the 13 century and is older than the fortification.

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