Blue Cave

The Blue Cave

A mysterious cave with a sapphire blue shine

Inside the Luštica peninsula, blessed with a clear sapphire color the blue cave is a hidden treasure worth visiting. Like from pirate movies this cave resembles a huge natural vault where pirates would hide their gold.

The blue cave is a small cave in the Luštica peninsula, in Montenegro. The special charm of this cave is that its blue inside. The ocean water, and the light illuminating the cave turns the botom of the cave into an incredible shade of blue like no where else on the planet. The water depth inside the varies from seven to nine meters but the clarity of the water makes it possible to count each stone at the bottom. The temperature of the water is cooler than in the bay areas because Luštica peninsula is at the open waters. However the temperature of the water inside the cave is perfect if you would like to go for a swim. The clarity of the water makes the cave perfect for snorkeling or diving, this will enable you to enjoy the beauty of the cave even more. The only way to get to the cave is by boat. There are many tour boats that take visitors to the cave and other attractions like Žanjic, Mirište, or Mamula. All boats stay around 15 minutes in the blue cave and proceed to the next attraction. For a more detailed or private tour to the cave contact us via email