Blue Cave

Blue Cave

Outside the warm bay waters of Herceg Novi lies a hidden treasure at the open sea. The Blue Cave, is an immense grotto on the edge of the Luštica peninsula in Montenegro. Its name comes from the blue shade on the inside. The reflecting light illuminates the water into an incredible shade of blue like nowhere else on the planet.
The water depth ranges from seven to nine meters, but the clarity of the water makes it possible to count each stone at the bottom. According to legends, pirates used to hide gold in the cave because it is well hidden.

Inside the cave

The water temperature is more refreshing than in the bay because of its location in the open sea. However, this should not discourage you from jumping in for an exhilarating swim. The cave is beautiful both beneath as much as under the water surface. One of the most popular activities inside and outside the cave is diving. The cave attracts many visitors during the summer season, which is why tour boats only spend 10 to 15 minutes inside the cave. In case you prefer to enjoy the beauty of the cave longer, we suggest a private tour of the cave.

The Blue Cave in Montenegro

How to get to the Blue Cave?

The only way to reach the blue cave is by water.
There are many tour boats that take visitors to the cave and other attractions like Žanjic, Mirište, or Mamula. All boats stay around 15 minutes in the blue cave and proceed to the next attraction. The price for a tour of the Blue Cave and the beach Zanjic cost approximately from 10 to 15 Euro per person.

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Cover Photography by Gavrilo Ilic & Sara Savic

Shining blue water inside the Blue Cave in Montenegro