Budva – Urban, hot, exotic, wild. The energetic vacation resides here

Budva is a coastal city in Montenegro. Whether you want to relax at one of the many beaches, enjoy sightseeing or hit the shops, you can always make the best of every day you spend here. It is the tourism capital of Montenegro and brings a lot to the table. If you enjoy architecture, the Old Town will amaze you. Our activities range from fun to heart pumping and exciting. One of the most attractive traits of Budva is the sunsets over the open sea. Enjoy the beach with a cold drink in your hand while the sun sinks into the ocean.

What to see in Budva?

As the capital of tourism, this city has a lot to offer. From grandiose architecture and history to fun activities and the best nightlife in Europe.

The Old Town

The Old Town complex is the main attraction in Budva. Its fortification is typical of walled cities on the Adriatic. Complete with towers, fortified city gates, and a citadel. Initially, there were gates on all four sides of the town. However, over the years, the sea-facing gates closed. The layout of the city is roughly orthogonal. Narrow streets connect the many piazzas inside the town. Today, the entire city within the walls is pedestrian-only.
The citadel is on the southern tip of the city. The Old Town was first known as Castle of St Mary. During the Middle Ages, the castle expanded and reached its final form during the Austro-Hungarian rule. North of the citadel, is a large square that contains all the churches in the old town.

Sveti Stefan

It is a peninsula that inspires admiration. Surrounded by pink sandy beaches and awe-inspiring ocean views, this peninsula is a treat for the eye. Whether you fancy a walk in the sunset or collecting seashells on the sandy beach – this is the place to go.

Fort Kosmac

In the vicinity of Budva near the village Brajići, is the fortress Kosmač.
The fortress originates from the years 1841-1850. The fort consists of a ground floor and a basement. Built by the Austro-Hungarians, it served to protect the border between Montenegro and Austro-Hungarian empire. Elevated on the Kosmac hill of 800 meters, it provides a panoramic view overseeing the entire Budva coast.

St Nicholas island

One of the most famous attractions crafted by nature and located near the coast of Budva is the St Nicholas island. It is the largest island in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. It’s two kilometers long, and with its position, it closes the Budva bay. From the island to Slovenska beach is a shoal, which during low tide is only 0.5m deep. There is a legend about this shoal. It says that St. Sava, heading for the holy mountain of Budva, was unable to board a ship due to big waves. He threw a few stones and created the shoal by which he went across and boarded the galley.

What to do in Budva?

Aside from the beaches and historical landmarks, Budva still has much to offer. There are many cultural events in this city.
Theatre City – Founded in 1987, and held in July and August every year, this festival transforms the entire Old Town into an open-air venue for a program of theatre, musical, literary and visual art events and performances.

Sea Dance – A music festival of epic proportions. What started as a spinoff of the popular Exit festival became one of the most famous annual music events in Europe.

Budva Carnival is a three day long festive event in Budva. It occurs annually during late April or early May.

Budva city museum is one of the prominent cultural institutions in the city. It features permanent archaeological and ethnographic exhibits.

Nightlife In Budva

One of the strongest attributes of Budva is its nightlife. With so many amazing clubs, it is impossible to go out in and not have a night to remember. Even though Budva is still a rough diamond in the world of travel, some clubs hosted the biggest stars in the music industry. Its fiercely energetic nightlife is what attracts people around the globe right here to Budva. Once you party in Budva, you will never settle for less.

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