Welcome to Budva

Urban, hot, exotic and wild – Budva’s vibes will make your vacation unforgettable

Urban, hot, wild, exotic – These are the words we can use to describe Budva in a short sentence.The capital of montenegrin nightlife will leave no visitor bored or unentertained”

Whether you want to relax at one of the many beaches, enjoy sightseeing or hit the shops in Budva you can always make the best of every day you spend in Budva. For people who like to enjoy the sights of architecture, there is the old town with its grandiose mediterrenean style buildings, for people who want to lounge at the beach Budva offers only the best and for youth there is the nightlife like nowhere else in Europe. Adventurists will be fond of the fact that Budva also offers a great variety of adventures like bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing and more. Budva specialized in tourism with only one goal, make its visitors feel comfortable to be in Budva.

What to see in Budva?

Old Town in Budva

The main attraction of Budva is the Old Town complex surrounded by ancient walls. Here in the old town of Budva is the coastal Citadel from the fifteenth century which is located in the southern part of the Old City. The citadel was built on the ruins of earlier fortifications from earlier centuries. A one of a kind city fortress which often changed its form and size, now serves as a tourist attraction and the center of cultural events of the Budva City Theatre.

Sveti Stefan

Known for its beauty, architecture, comfort and beaches Sveti Stefan is a place of history mixed with harmonious and beautiful natural surroundings. The streets, walls, roofs and facades retained its historic appearance, while the interior houses decorated with modern amenities. Sveti Stefan is an attractive combination of ancient and luxurious surroundings, and is the most luxurious resort in Montenegro. Because of its uniqueness, Sveti Stefan has become a famous attraction world wide, which is why the National Geographic Traveler named it one of the “50 Places of a Lifetime”.

Fort Kosmac

In the vicinity of Budva near the village Brajići, at an altitude of 800 m is the fortress Kosmač. The fortress was built between the year 1841-1850. The fortress consists of a ground floor and a basement. The whole building occupies an area of 1064m2. Today, the fortress Kosmač which was formerly an Austrian fortress between the Austria-Hungary and montenegrin border, is a special place to visit for all visitors of Budva. Kosmač is owned by the Republic Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture of Montenegro.

St Nicholas island

One of the most famous attractions crafted by nature itself and located near the coast of Budva is the St Nicholas island. It is the largest island in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. It’s two kilometers long and with its position it closes the Budva bay, and from the island to the Slovenska beach is a shoal, which at the time of low tide is only 0.50 m deep. There is a legend about this shoal that says that St. Sava heading for the holy mountain of Budva, was unable to board a ship due to big waves and he threw a few stones and created the shoal by which he went across and boarded the galley.