Budva is urban, hot, exotic and wild. The energetic vacation starts here

Budva, also known as Miami of Montenegro, is a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea, with very diverse tourism and dynamic nightlife.
Whether you want to relax on the many beaches, enjoy sightseeing, or dive into the nightlife, you can always make the best of every
day you spend here. It is the tourism capital of Montenegro and brings a lot to the table. If you enjoy architecture, Old Town will
amaze you. Activities in Budva range from fun to heart pumping and exciting. One of the most attractive traits is the sunsets
over the open sea. Enjoy the beach with a cold drink in your hand while the sun sinks into the ocean.

Top Things To Do In Budva

Budva is an ancient town with a complex history. There are many things one should do when lent in Budva.
Here are the most important activities to explore:

Visit The Historic Landmarks In And Around Budva

There are disparate classical places in Budva you shouldn’t miss out on.
Listed and described below are the most well known historic sights:

Old Town Budva Montenegro

The old town is the most enjoyable attraction in Budva. Its fortification is typical of walled cities on the Adriatic.
Complete with imposing towers, fortified city gates, and a citadel. Inside the old town, narrow streets connect the many vibrant piazzas
with shops of all sorts. The Old Town’s first mention was as Castle of St Mary. During the Middle Ages, the castle expanded and reached
its final form during the Austro-Hungarian rule. North of the citadel, is a large square that contains all the churches in the old town.

Roman Villa Remains lies in the center of Budva town. It is a small part of a Roman building.
It was discovered during the construction of a hotel. This is a must-go place because of its ancient structure
and beautiful outside view.

Fortress Of St. Mary is also known as Budva’s Citadel. It is a mountainous building in the southern part of Budva.
Citadel is well known for its height and old architectural style. The fortress represents a library and a restaurant. An old library
of the Budva can be seen from the wide glass-back of the Citadel which is an appealing view for the visitors.

Mogren Fortress was once a fort of Budva but now they’re the ruins of Morgen. The fort lies on the western coast of a beach in Budva.
The ruins of the morgen fortress are worth visiting. The beautiful and appealing view of the fortress ruins still draws the picture of this fort.

Fort Kosmac is in the vicinity of Budva near the village Brajići.
The fortress originates from the years 1841-1850. The fort consists of a ground floor and a basement.
Built by the Austro-Hungarians, it served to protect the border between Montenegro and Austro-Hungarian empire.
Elevated on the Kosmac hill of 800 meters, it provides a panoramic view overseeing the entire Budva coast.

Sveti Stefan Island in Budva

Sveti Stefan is an island and a five-star hotel resort located 6 kilometers from Budva.
It resides in the southern part of Budva town. People visit this island because of its amazing beauty.
The pure and pleasing environment of the island, combined with a five-star hotel, gives the best traveling
experience to its visitors.
Whether you fancy a walk in the sunset or collecting seashells on the sandy beach – this is the place to go.

Saint Ivan Church is a precious church built in the name of the famous Saint Ivan.
This church is a very important monument of the Old Town. It has some holy and valuable features
which include the icon of the holy mother in the church. This is the best church to visit in Budva
because of its bold structure and history.

St Nicholas island is one of the most famous attractions crafted by nature and lies near the coast of Budva.
It is the largest island in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. It’s two kilometers long, and with its position,
it closes the Budva bay. From the island to Slovenska beach is a shoal, which during low tide is only 0.5m deep.
There is a legend about this shoal. It says that St. Sava, heading for the holy mountain of Budva, was unable to
board a ship due to big waves. He threw a few stones and created the shoal by which he went across and boarded the galley.

Shkodra Lake also known as Lake Skadar is the largest south European lake.
It nestles on the border between Montenegro and Albania and lies at a distance of 39
kilometers from Budva. This lake is a true pleasure to the eyes of any human.
A one day trip to this lake while visiting Budva can be a great addition to your
traveling experience.

Explore The Museums Of Budva

The second most important thing to do in Budva is exploring its hoary museums.
Museums are the bridge between our past, present and future. They enable people
to learn the old age and valuable history of different things. Below are some
most common museums of Budva to delve in:

The Town Museum Of Budva also known as the archaeological museum is an old yet valuable museum.
It is popular for representing the age-old collection of Budva’s treasure. The museum has classical finds from the
ancient era. This museum does not only contain ancient pieces of Budva. Many products are shipped here from other countries.
500 B.C old objects are available in the town museum for the visitors. The most interesting thing that amazes the visitors is
the 2500-year-old helmet of Illyria

Modern Art Gallery Budva
Exhibition in the Modern Art Gallery in BUDVA

Moderna Galerija often known as the modern gallery of Budva is a famous art gallery.
It is located in the center of the old town of Budva. This gallery is a must-have place in your “places to visit” list.
It presents exceptional paintings, sculptures, and drawings from different countries of the world. Many artists from
around Europe submit their artwork in the exhibitions. They aim to showcase their work in the exhibitions of this gallery.

The Maritime Museum of Budva is a mix of a library and a museum.
It is based in the Budva Citadel. The museum contains several old history books and maps.
Anyone of you who has an interest in ships and aims to learn more about ancient times ships
must visit this museum. It has a room filled with many ships and their information.

Don’t Miss The Festivals In BUDVA

People visit festivals not because of enjoying only but because there any many benefits of going to a festival.
Visiting various festivals gives a sense of freedom that each one of us loves. Especially when you’re planning to
visit a new place you mustn’t miss out on the festivals of that particular area. You get to know new things about
the environment and meet amazing people. You’ll find the most interesting festivals below to visit in Budva:

The Spring Masked Ball is a well-known carnival held every year in Budva.
Budva becomes a town of masks in April. The spring masked ball is the beginning of the white
water rafting season in the town. The streets are filled with folk dances, parades, music concerts
with DJs. The ball is known to be the most joyous and charming festival of the whole year.

The International Budva Carnival is held in Budva at the beginning of the summer season.
It is like the previous carnival but has people from all over the world. It lasts for seven days. The two most
famous parties take place at this carnival. You shouldn’t skip the spring break festival and the Waterpolo
championship in this carnival. Spring break festival is a music party for two days and Waterpolo championship
is a one-day sport representing festival.

The Sea Dance Festival takes place in August.
This festival is organized on the beaches of Budva and it lasts for 3 days only.
People from all over Europe are eager to join this sea dance party. It is considered
the most famous dance party of the whole year in Europe.

Experience The Nightlife In Budva

Have any of you wondered what is Budva most famous for?
Well, it’s most known for its crazy nightlife. People enjoy clubbing
because it’s a vital source of relief from diverse tensions and daily exhaustion.
The affordable clubs, pubs are only a big plus for visitors from the globe to party wild in the capital of nightlife

Here are some of the best clubs to party at:

Top Hill Budva

Top Hill is a legendary club for partying. None of the night lovers
should miss this club. Visiting the Top Hill should be the top priority in your
“to-do things in Budva” list. This is not only the most famous club in Budva but also
the largest one. It has the capacity to welcome 5000 people.

The Old Fisherman’s Pub is another great nightlife experience in Budva.
This is a kind of restaurant where you will find several types of beers, alcoholic drinks,
wine, and other foods to enjoy with your friends.

Casper Bar is a great place for those who are addicted and passionate
about tasty drinks. This bar is for those who think clubs are not made for them.
Don’t skip the drinks of Casper bar if you ever visit Budva. You’ll love them.

Paris is another most well-known club of the whole Montenegro.
Stars from all over the Balkan region attend the nightlife in this club.
You can find it in the center of the popular Slovenska Beach.

Common Facts About Budva

An important thing to do when you visit is to take information about their exchange rates.
The official currency in the whole of Montenegro is Euro. You’ll find a lot of money exchange offices there.
Try to be aware of the unfair exchange rates.

When it comes to money ATMs are also important to consider. There are a lot of ATMs in Budva.
You can withdraw money from the bank ATMs. The exchange rates offered by banks are fairer than
the exchange rates offered by money exchanges in the town.

Tap water in Budva, as well as most Montenegro, is drinkable.
Most public squares have fountains where you can enjoy a refreshing
sip of water and refill your bottle.

Gratuity (also known as tipping) is a common practice in Budva and Montenegro.
Many people have a general habit of tipping as the waiters, and taxi drivers don’t
earn a lot of money

Smoking is allowed everywhere. Unlike most of the world, where smoking has become censored,
in Budva, you can smoke in bars, restaurants, and cafes.