Đenovići are a small settlement inside the Kotor bay area. Visitors who like a quiet vacation would most certainly fall in love with this little place. If you are a fan of beautiful scenery, the view of the Kotor bay will make your day. If you like long evening walks followed by stunning sunsets, then this will be the ideal destination for your next holiday. Most apartments are close to the beaches as well as the main walkway. The walkway also serves as a street with traffic, however during summer season traffic is at a minimum.

Beaches in Đenovići

Let`s be honest about it, the beaches in Đenovići are nothing like Zakintos or the Great beach in Ulcinj. However you will find that they are very nice, clean and blessed with an amazing view. Most beaches have a cafe or even restaurant which will make your time at the beach even more enjoyable. The important thing is most beaches have shallow waters which is very convenient for little children.

What to do in Đenovići

Đenovići are a very small place and as a tourism destination we can say that a beautiful view of the Kotor bay and a romantic setting is its strongest treat. Of course there are numerous restaurants where you can enjoy a great meal but in terms of nightlife or adventure this little place has not much to offer. So if you are looking for a place to really lay back and relax and find affordable accommodation this is the right place for your next holiday.