Tara Bridge

Tara Bridge

The majestic architechtural wonder over the Tara river

“A marvel of engineering and advanced architecture stretching over the world’s second largest canyon in the world is the Tara bridge”

The bridge was a work of Serbian architect Mijat Trojanovic. Its construction started in 1938 and was completed in 1940. While building tall bridges nowadays presents less difficulties it does not reflect the gigantic scale of engineering tasks undertaken by constructors of that time. Lack of sophisticated equipment (available today) and simplicity of manual tools had to be compensated by skills, cleverness, originality and courageous hard work. It is worth to note that at the time of completion the Tara Bridge was a biggest-tallest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe. The 365 metres (1,198 ft) long bridge has five arches; the largest span is 116 metres (381 ft). The roadway stands 172 metres (564 ft) above the Tara River.
Djurdjevica Tara Bridge is a must see for all those who visit Montenegro. Its five arches, the largest of which has a range of 116 meters and floats over 150 feet above the waves of Tara, have become an inseparable part of the river and its canyon. This harmony of architecture, human aspirations and the amazing beauty of nature, is difficult to find elsewhere in the world.

The Tara River

Not coincidentally called “Tear of Europe”, this restless and clean mountain river carved one of the most beautiful canyons in the world and for centuries has been quenching the thirst of travelers who were stunned by her beauty. With a length of 144 km Tara River is the longest river in Montenegro. Tara River is formed by rivers of Opasnica and Veruša and of melting winter snow and seasonal rains. Source of the Tara River is in the foot of Komovi Mountains, and together with Piva River, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, they form Drina River from Šćepan polje.

The Tara river flows through one of the most spectacular and deepest canyon gorges in the world. This gorge is 78 km long and more than 1300 meters high, which makes Tara River Canyon the deepest river canyon in Europe ! Protected by UNESCO since 1977, Tara River Canyon is one of the top 25 recognized world nature heritage sites, frequented and accessible to hikers and bikers. The water of Tara river is so clean that you can drink from it. Along its 144 km course, the Tara River gets large quantities of water from different sources forming breathtaking waterfalls and scenic cascades, whose roar is heard on the very peaks of the canyon.

White Water Rafting

Are you excited yet? If not, you should be. White water rafting from May to October on the Tara River is premium experience for the fans of extreme sports and the more adventurous who enjoy exciting trips. Since the Tara River flows through the Tara canyon you will see breat taking scenery on your rafting route. The rafting route from Brstanovici to Sćepan Polje is 18 km long and it lasts 2 to 3 hours. This part of the Tara River Canyon is the most exciting because the river here has the steepest drop in elevation on a short length. There are 21 out of 50 rapids in this part of the Tara River. The rapids are Brstanovići, Pećine, the very dangerous Celije rapids and Vjernovički rapids. You can experience both rafting and kayaking on the Tara River, with a range of rafts, kayaks or inflatable boats. If you are more of a laid back and unwind person, sport fishing is allowed in some parts of the Tara River.