Fort Arza

Fort Arza is a fortress in the Miriste valley. Sitting high on the rocks of the Lustica peninsula, this fort was the first line of defense against any potential conquerors

Fort Arza originates from the period of Austro-Hungarian rule. Its waterfront position provides a great view of the Kotor bay entrance.

It was the tip of the defense against invaders. Today, the fortress serves as a monument and testimony of its former greatness. Since 2009, the fort is private property and closed for visitors. Still, the front side and its environment are accessible to all who want to visit this outstanding monument.

Nature Around Arza Fortress

Nature around Arza

Beautiful nature surrounds the ancient fortress. The Miriste valley is a mixture of olive groves and pine trees on one side and the waterfront on the other. It is a very convenient spot for camping. The beaches facing the open sea, the clear night sky, and the intoxicating air create the perfect camping sensation. The sunsets here can be poetic. The beaches in Lustica are beautiful and wild. Since Lustica is not very populated, the whole peninsula looks untouched. Walking along the coast is awe-inspiring and very fun. You can explore the landscape while breathing in the fresh ocean air.

Arza Fort

History of Arza

The fortress lies east of Mamula, at the southwestern part of Lustica. It rests on the foundations of a fortress from an earlier period. Together with its two siblings, Mamula (on the east) and Cape Ostro (in the West), it creates a triangle that protected the waters of Montenegro on one side and Croatia on the other.

How to get to Arza?

Getting to Arza is very easy. You can go here either by boat or car.
Both ways have their perks. While taking the tour boat may be quite relaxing, for some, it might be monotonous. A fun alternative is getting there by car. The scenery is fascinating, the roads are in good condition, and it only takes around 40 min to get there.