Fort Arza

Arza Fortress

Meet the grand and retired brave keeper of the Kotor bay entrance

“As you sail through the entrance of the Boka Bay, the first grandiose wonder of ancient architecture to see is Fort Arza. Sitting high on the rocks of the coast this solid fortress was the first line of defense against any potential conquerors. Today this mighty fortress has only the role to greet any ships entering the Boka Bay and is an attractive tourist destination on the Lustica peninsula”

Fort Arza was built during the Austro Hungarian period and is located at the entrance to the Herceg Novi bay, on the edge of Luštica peninsula as the tip of the defense against potential conquerors. A firm stone building with a view on the far surroundings, reaching as far as Cape Ostro (Croatian border). Fort Arza was built on a layer of rocks that serve as an eternal protector of this fortress from the force of waves and time. Even though Fort Arza is a private property and the interior of the fortress is closed to visitors, the front side of the fort and its environment are accessible to all who want to visit this outstanding monument. The area around the fortress is rich in vegetation and beautiful beaches. Just two kilometers away from the fort is the Miriste valley with a long stretch of beautiful beaches, surrounded by stunning views. The surroundings of the Fort as well as the beaches in the near area are a perfect place for camping. There are several places where you can set camp and spend a couple of unforgettable days in one of the most beautiful spots in Montenegro. What is characteristic to the Lustica peninsula is the clarity of the sky. Because it is surrounded by the open sea the sky is incredibly clear and at night you can see million stars lighting up the sky. There are several hidden beaches in the close surroundings of fort Arza which we will write about soon and post photos of the beaches.

Nature around Lustica

Arza is surrounded by nature and its beauty. The Mirište valley where Arza is located is perfect for camping, and camping is allowed. There are plenty of places to pitch a tent and enjoy the peace and serenity of the surroundings. However it can become very hot here and it is important to look for shade. There are several shops where you can supply yourself with fresh food and water. What makes Arza and Mirište absolutely perfect is the sunsets which are poetic.

History and Culture

Fort Arza, is located east of Mamula, at the very end of the southwestern part of the peninsula Lustica, and rests on the foundation of one of the ancient fortress from which some fragments of larger vessels and amphorae have been preserved. The triangle: fortress on Cape Ostro in the Peninsula coating (which lies on the western side of the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, and belongs to Croatia) – Fort Mamula (Swallow) – Fort Arza, the entrance to the Bay of strategic was completely closed. The fortress is awaiting renovation and new tourist valorization.
Fort Arza was built by the Austro-Hungarians, the ground around it is very inaccessible and the fortress itself is in a bad condition. For visitors of Lustica it represents a special attraction, but also a challenge because it is difficult to climb the walls of the fortress. When you reach the top, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the horizon, the surrounding islets, rocks and beaches.