Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi – a beautiful coastal town nestled between the highest mountain of the Dinardes, Orjen and the entrance into one of the most charming bays in he world, the Boka Bay

Herceg Novi is a coastal city in Montenegro. Located between the highest mountain of the Dinardes – Orjen and the entrance of the Kotor Bay, it contains vast beauty.

In a single sentence, one could say its a modern, slow-paced town, with traces of medieval architecture throughout the city.
While entering the old town square, it seems as if you suddenly stepped back in time into the Medieval age of Montenegro.
The stone-pawed square and stone-built houses are almost blindingly bright. The old clock tower, the old buildings all together with the surrounding fortresses, create a unique view of a beautiful town with a soul.

Herceg Novi is a town of culture. It hosts many festivals, theatre plays, music, and film festivals.

If you enjoy site seeing, you will be delighted. The architecture of the town and forts will amaze you. The view from the towers and fortresses is overwhelming. You see the entrance to the Kotor Bay in the front, Prevlaka on the right, and the curvy Kotor bay on the left.

What to do in Herceg Novi?

As a city of great cultural diversity, Herceg Novi has a long list of activities.

Walkway of Five Danicas

Stretching over 6 kilometers, along the coast, the walkway connects several suburbs. Its name commemorates five girls who tragically died in WWII. All five girls had the name Danica, and one also died with the legendary Savo Kovačević.
The walkway is the perfect setting for romantic walks along the coast.
With ocean views on one side and rising mountains on the other, it’s a beautiful experience for everyone.

Boat Tours in Herceg Novi

Some of the most enjoyable activities are boat tours. They offer several different locations to visit. From Herceg Novi, the most popular boat tours are Zanjic, Blue Cave, and the Kotor Bay tour. The tours mostly take a whole day.

The Kotor Bay tour, for example, leaves port around 8 or 9 am and returns around 6 pm. You see the entire Kotor bay from Herceg Novi to Kotor with all its magnificence and splendor.

The trip to Zanjic starts at 8 am, arrives at Zanjic around 8:30 am. We highly recommend taking the full tour of Zanjic. It includes the tour from Herceg Novi (or neighboring suburbs: (Meljine, Zelenika, Đenovići, Kumbor), leaves some passengers at Žanjic beach and continues to the marvelous Blue Cave and Mamula island.

Sightseeing in Herceg Novi

The turbulent history and various cultures that ruled over Herceg Novi have left their marks on this city. The many forts and monasteries, as well as churches and old town, make Herceg Novi a place to remember.

Transportation in Herceg Novi

Transport is easy to get. There is a bus every 20 minutes during the day. The bus line is operational from 4 am to 2 am. However, the traffic can get a bit jammed during the summer season, which is why the buses are not regularly punctual. Also, during this period, buses are crowded.

The short distance between the local places make taxis also affordable (ex. a fare from Igalo to Zelenika – 4.5 km costs 5,50€).
We recommend using the taxi services. Drivers are very professional, courteous, punctual, and air-conditioned. To order a taxi call 19730

History of Herceg Novi

According to archeological findings, different cultures have populated this area since the Neolithic and early Bronze period. In the 3rd century, the Roman Republic ruled these areas. Slavic tribes started inhabiting these lands only in the 7th century AD. During the 10th century, Herceg Novi was part of the Dracevica district. It was under the rule of the Kingdom of Serbia, which was ruled by the Nemanjic dynasty.

King StefanTvrtko I Kotromanic established the medieval town as a fortress in a fisher village in 1382. The original name was St Stephan (Eng) or Sveti Stefan (Mne). After the death of Tvrtko, Duke Sandalj Hranjic acquired Sveti Stefan. During his reign, the town picked up trading salt.
After Duke Hranjic died, Herzog Stjepan Vuksic Kosaca inherited Sveti Stefan. During this time, the town grew in importance. He changed the name of the city into Novi. The title Herzog and the name Novi ultimately became the new name of Herceg Novi.

The Battle of Thrones

In 1482 the Turks conquered the town and ruled for 200 years. They built the Kanli Tower on the upper edge of the city. Kanli means bloody in Turkish language. Between 1538 and 1539, the Spaniards ruled it before the Turks defeated them in the Siege of Castelnuovo. In their brief rulership, the Spanish built a Hispaniola fort above the city that is well-preserved today.

During the 17th century, Venice took control of Herceg Novi as well most of the Montenegrin coastline. In Venice, Herceg Novi was called Castelnuovo. The Venetians reinforced the walls of the forts with a citadel tower. Austria annexed Herceg Novi on August 24, 1798. Between February 1806, and August 1807 the Russian ruled Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi, as well as the rest of the Bay of Kotor, was overtaken by Montenegrin forces in 1813. It was under the control of a temporary government based in Dobrota between 11 September 1813 and 10 June 1814. Austrian forces took authority over it in 1814. The Kingdom of Montenegro tried to reclaim the town in WWI. They bombarded it from Lovcen. However, by the year 1916, Austria-Hungary defeated Montenegro.

Mussolini’s fascist Italy annexed the city during World War II in 1941. It became a part of the province of Cattaro. Yugoslav Partisan forces reclaimed it in September 1943. It became part of the People’s Republic of Montenegro within Tito’s reformed Yugoslavia. After Yugoslavia fell apart, Montenegro became independent in 2006.

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