Herceg Novi

Welcome to Herceg Novi

The town of eternal youth and sweetest memories

Herceg Novi – a beautiful coastal town nestled between the highest mountain of the Dinardes, Orjen and the entrance into one of the most charming bays in he world, the Boka Bay

While observed from the main road, Herceg Novi seems pretty boring and you would hardly find a reason to stay and explore this little town. However when you get to the inner part is when your vision of Herceg Novi transforms completely. To describe Herceg Novi in a single sentence one could say its a modern, slow-paced town with traces of medieval architecture throughout the entire city. The old town square is completely pawed and built in stone, the buildings and the main part of the town were kept in the original medieval form. Beside the eye catching architecture of the town square, it offers much more delight to its visitors. Herceg Novi is a town of culture, arts, literature and fun. This little town organises many festivals, theatre plays, music and film festivals and nurtures its history by exhibiting items of significant historic importance. Throughout the whole town you can find many restaurants with extraordinary cuisine and the best flavours or choose to enjoy the intoxicating aroma of morning coffee served with a magnificent view of the Boka Bay entrance.
Visitors who enjoy site seeing there are three fortresses, the old town square, the old clocktower, two museums, churches, and monasteries with interesting stories.

Walkway of Five Danicas

This famous six kilometers long walkway begins in Igalo and ends in Meljine, or the other way around.
The name of this picturesque walkway came from five young girls who were killed in WW II, one of them died together with Savo Kovačević (famous Partisan). All of the five girls were called Danica, hence the name Walkway of Five Danicas.
The walkway stretches alont the coast of Meljine, Herceg Novi and Igalo. On one side there is the jaw dropping view on the Boka Bay entrance and the Luštica peninsula, and on the other side you can see beautiful houses, villas, hotels and the fort Forte mare. Along the entire walkway you can find cafes and restaurants that offer breath taking views and fantastic food.

Transportation in Herceg Novi

Transportation in Herceg Novi is fairly easy to get. You can catch a local bus every 20 minutes during the day till 2 am. The next bus is at 4 am. The distance from the local places is very small so even getting a taxi is fairly cheap (ex. a fare from Igalo to Zelenika – 4.5 km costs 5,50€). The minimum price for a bus fare is 0.70 and maximum 1.20€/person.
Punctuality is not the best quality of the local bus line, nor is profesionality. The local bus line called Blue lines could use an upgrade. In the summer season the buses tend to get overcrowded and people lack not only seats but air to breathe. Our recommendation is to use the taxi services who are very professional, courteous, punctual and air conditioned. To order a taxi call 19730

Culture in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi has an affinity for culture and the beautiful. If you spend your next holiday in Herceg Novi you will most certainly find many interesting things to do. There are many festivals organized by Herceg Fest the local organisation for cultural events in Herceg Novi. The most important festivals held in the summer season, just for you visitors, are the music festival called Sunčane Skale (eng. Sunny Stairs), the Herceg Novi Film Festival, the Mimosa festival, Book Square (kind of book fair) and many more.
Another interesting corner you should add to your list are the Josip Bepo Benković art gallery in Herceg Novi and the county museum of Herceg Novi.

History of Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi was ruled by many cultures leaving behind many traces of rulership and dominance. There are three great forts in Herceg Novi available for visiting: Kanli Kula, Forte Mare and Španiola. Beneath the foot of the Fort Forte Mare are the remains of the Fort Citadella, which collapsed during an earthquake in 1979. Herceg Novi is full of life in the summertime especially in the season, this marvelous town is filled with friendly people from around the globe.

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