Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi- The Eye of the Beautiful Bay of Kotor

Herceg Novi is a coastal city in Montenegro, nestled between the highest mountain of the Dinardes – Orjen and the entrance to the Kotor Bay.

In a single sentence, one could say its a modern, slow-paced town, with traces of medieval architecture throughout the city.
While entering the old town square, it seems as if you suddenly stepped back in time into the Medieval age of Montenegro.
The stone-pawed square and stone-built houses are almost blindingly bright. The old clock tower, the old buildings all together with the surrounding fortresses, create a unique view of a beautiful town with a soul.

Herceg Novi is a town of culture. It hosts many festivals, theatre plays, music, and film festivals.

If you enjoy site seeing, you will be delighted. The architecture of the town and forts will amaze you. The view from the Forte Mare and Kanli fortresses is overwhelmingly beautiful. You can see the entrance to the Kotor Bay in the front, Prevlaka on the right, and the curvy Kotor bay on the left.

What to do in Herceg Novi?

As a city of great cultural diversity, Herceg Novi has a long list of activities.

Walkway of Five Danicas

Stretching over 6 kilometers, along the coast, the walkway connects several suburbs. With ocean views on one side and rising mountains on the other, it’s the perfect setting for romantic walks along the coast. Along the walkway, there is a myriad of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite treats while chatting or enjoying a sunset with a sea view. The name of the walkway commemorates five girls who tragically died in WWII – all named Danica.

Fortress Spanjola (Spanish fortress)

Yes, there are a number of amazing fortresses in Herceg Novi, and Fortress Spanjola is one of them.
Fortress Spanjola which means Spanish fortress got its name from the Spaniards, even though the Turkish built it between the 15th and 16th century.
Although the old castle’s roofs have caved in, a few towers remain standing and the walls are complete! So you can go on a stroll above its walls while absorbing the breathtaking view of Herceg Novi beneath you.

Herceg Novi Spanjola Fortress

Fortress Kanli Kula

The sprawling fortress of Kanli Kula is an embodiment of the chaotic history of Herceg Novi. The bloodshed, the imprisonment, and the wars that have shaped the political, cultural, and economic landscape of not just the old town, but Montenegro itself, are all tied to the archaic fortress. The structure has served as a prison, a theatre, and a defensible castle.
The name Kanli Kula, which means bloody tower was given by the Turks who ruled there in the 17th century. When the Ottoman Empire invaded and conquered Herceg Novi, the castle was converted into a prison where Montenegrin freedom fighters were killed, tortured, and imprisoned. Today, Kanli Kula is an open-air theatre and the bloodshed.
The downside of making the trip up to the fortress is that you’ll have to do some research before visiting, and the climb from the Belavista to the fort is grueling! But don’t worry, the beautiful, unparalleled view of Herceg Novi from the top of the fort will be worth the climb.

Forte Mare (Jaka Kula or Kula Apasbase)

Near the sea, seats another huge defensive castle, know as Forte Mare. Like Kanli Kula, it was also built by the Turkish in the 16th century to defend Herceg Novi from invaders. The view from the crenelated peaks of the castle might not be as spectacular as that from Kanli Kula, but you Forte Mare offers much more history and drama.
The imposing, yet beautiful castle has been held by Venetians and Austrians over a span of 500 years, and it’s walls are still carefully preserved by the Montenegrin government. At a cost of £2, admission is quite cheap. The fortress hosts the annual film festival which takes place in August, and a fifteen minute video on the ground floor of the castle tells the story of how Captain Barbarossa won the forte from Spaniards in the Siege of Castelnuovo, back in 1539.

Church of Archangel Michael (Sveti Aranđel Mihajlo)

What would a visit to a coastal Montenegrin town be without touring gothic churches?
Although the architecture of the Church of Archangel Michael showcases features from different ancient eras and cultures, it was only completed in 1911 after construction began 30 years before, in 1881. The edifice is located on the square of Belavista, right in the center of the old town. From a traditional gothic exterior to its gothic windows, Byzantine arches, Romanesque domes, and towers, the sprawling church will definitely bedazzle you! Oh, did I mention that admission is free?

Boat Tours in Herceg Novi

Some of the most enjoyable activities are boat tours. Some of the most popular boat tours are Zanjic, Blue Cave, and the Kotor Bay tour. The tours mostly take a whole day.You can check out some of the best tours in the tours tab above.

Rose near Herceg Novi

Kayak across the bay to the fishing village of Rose

The tiny village of Rose is one of the most beautiful locations in Montenegro. The little cluster of stone houses with waterfront porches nestled at the tip of the Lustica Peninsula, across the bay from Herceg Novi.
You shouldn’t miss out on kayaking from Herceg Novi to the village. If you’re the daring type, you can rent a kayak and make the 30-minute journey on your own.
A kayak trip from Herceg Novi to Rose will cost around €15, but it’s totally worth it!

Transportation in Herceg Novi

Transport is easy to get. There is a bus every 20 minutes during the day. The bus line is operational from 4 am to 2 am. However, the traffic can get a bit jammed during the summer season, which is why the buses are not regularly punctual. Also, during this period, buses are crowded.

The short distance between the local places make taxis also affordable (ex. a fare from Igalo to Zelenika – 4.5 km costs 5,50€).
We recommend using the taxi services. Drivers are very professional, courteous, punctual, and air-conditioned. To order a taxi call 19730