Kanli Kula

Kanli Kula

The stone warrior watching over Herceg Novi through time

Overlooking the entire Herceg Novi bay, with a view stretching as far as the human eye can see, dominating the entire region of Herceg Novi is fort Kanli Kula.

The name Kanli Kula is of Turkish origin and it means a bloody tower. It is situated in the north part of the old town in Herceg Novi. In its own time it used to be a complex fortification system in the town, providing protection and security for whoever ruled this region in that time. Today it is used as an entrance for tourists. The main entrance is located on the north side. Probably built after the demolition of a part of the northern wall. Inside the fort there are many preserved objects. The most interesting was a completely preserved cistern for water which is located in the western part. With time it lost its original purpose and turned into a prison cell. Nowadays Kanli Kula is mostly used as a summer stage, festivities and a tourist attraction.

History of Kanli Kula

In the written documents Kanli Kula is first mentioned in the XVII century A.D. Over the time it suffered significant changes and destructions, so the exact time of its construction cannot be precisely determined. In written documents, the tower is first mentioned during the mid-seventeenth century by the Turkish traveler Evlija Celebija. The position is strategically very well chosen: elevation of about 85m from the sea provides a view of the whole region around the city. The building dimensions are impressive 70 by 60m, and the height of the walls in some places exceeding 20m. Well-preserved outer walls show different styles of construction: the lower parts and South Eastern parts are from the time of the early use of firearms, while the final shape gave the Turks. The Venetians made substantial repairs due to significant damage made in war with Turks. The first entry to Kanli Kula was located on the south side and the tower was only possible to enter from the city.