Welcome to Kotor

Where history echos through the narrow paths and streets

Famous by its beauty and unspoiled nature, unique by its history and tradition gained it many names of which the most known are “Pear of the Adriatic” and “Bride of the Adriatic” – Kotor Bay is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The Bay of Kotor or simply “Boka” is a bay of the Adriatic sea in the southwest part of Montenegro.
From the open sea to the harbor of the city of Kotor the bay is 28 km long and has a shoreline of 107.3 km. The Bay of Kotor cuts through the Dinaric Alps between the Orjen and Lovćen massifs. The narrowest section of the bay is the Verige strait which is only 340 meters wide.

The bay is composed of several smaller broad bays, united by narrower channels, forming one of the most beautiful natural harbors in Europe. The outermost part of the bay is the Bay of Tivat (Teodo) and what used to be a small naval port, which has recently transformed into a state-of-the-art super-yacht marina called Porto Montenegro. On the seaward side is the Bay of Herceg Novi (formerly Castelnuovo), which guards the main entrance to the Bay of Kotor. The inner bays are the Bay of Risan to the northwest and the Bay of Kotor to the southeast.
On the landward side, the long walls running from the fortified old town of Kotor to the castle of Saint John, far above, form a striking feature in the landscape; the heights of the Krivošije (Krivoscie), a group of barren plateaus in Mount Orjen, were crowned by small forts.

The shores of the bay Herceg Novi house the Orthodox convent of St. Sava near (Savina monastery) standing amid beautiful gardens. It was founded in the 16th century and contains many fine specimens of 17th century silversmiths’ work. 12.87 km east of Herceg Novi, there is a Benedictine monastery on a small island opposite Perast (Perasto). Perast itself was for a time an independent state in the 14th century.

Interesting about Kotor

Every year visitors from all around the world come to enjoy the charms of this magnificent fjord.
The tall walls around Kotor with the narrow pathways almost look as if made for strolling throught this old town. As the Mediterrannean’s only fjord, this bay was added to the list of the twenty-five most beautiful bays in the world in July 2000.
The Bay of Kotor is the birthplace of many festivals like the Mimosa festival called after the flower Mimosa, the music festival Sunčane Skale, Guitar fest, Herceg Novi Film Festival, Bokeljsko veče and many others. The Bay of Kotor is not only attractive in the summer time. In fact many visitors were surprised by the beauty of entire Montenegro in the “winter days”. Temperatures in the winter can go up to 14 degrees C here because Montenegro has approximately 240 sunny days and more places that would seem like thez are out of this world than you could ever imagine.

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