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Bar is gifted with a specific harmony of diversities as well as a mixture of shapes and life stories. Simple in its magnificence and unique in its beauty, Bar represents a modern town that is expanding and improving every day. The main goal of Bar is to offer the best to its population and the constantly rising number of visitors.

Bar is a coastal town located in southern Montenegro. According to the records from the 2011 census it has a population of 40,037. It is the center of the Bar Municipality and a major seaport. This town has many green areas despite the fact that it’s a port town. There are many interesting tourist attractions in the city. The most attractive monuments are the old town of Bar, the castle of King Nikola and the Haj Nehaj Fortress with the remnants from the 15th century. There are also several natural monuments to see here. One of them is the Old Olive which is more than 2000 years old and the other is lake Skadar which is one of the largest bird habitats in Europe.We can also add a large number of monasteries and churches for the visitors who enjoy this type of tourism.

Visitors who enjoy the charms of festivals will be delighted to find that there are numerous festivals and cultural events in Bar. Some of them are: the International TV Festival, Meetings Under The Old Olive Tree, the Bar Chronicle.

There are numerous breath taking beaches and bays like Dobre Vode, Sutomore, Čanj which will leave you speechless. All of the mentioned facts and sites you find will make you want to come back for more of the peace, tranquility and fun you find in Bar.

Must see in Bar

The Old Town

It is located on a steep cliff, inaccessible from three sides, at the foot of the mountain Rumija. The defensive position and the source of drinking water were the most important reasons why Old Bar, unlike other cities on the coast, is founded about 4 km away from the coast.

In the city there are still the remnants of numerous churches of different styles from different periods. There are foundations of the Roman Gothic Cathedral. St. George from the XI century, as well as two Gothic churches of St. Catherine and St. Veneranda. From the Turkish period there is a Gunpowder magazine and baths.

Outside the city, north of the upper fortress, there are well-preserved remains of the aqueduct from the XVI and XVII century aqueduct that brought water from the mountains to the city. The latest archaeological excavations, discovered ceramics from VIII-VI century BC from the time when this was an Illyrian settlement.

King Nichola’s Castle

The castle was built in 1885, on the coast. It consists of a large castle, a small castle, chapels, sentry boxes, and winter gardens. In 1910 was added the spacious ballroom. Within the castle there is a park with a variety of Mediterranean plants (among other things, cork tree).
In front of the castle was a wooden pier, which was used for docking ships and yachts, where King Nikola greeted and escorted important figures who have visited Cetinje.
In the period from 1866 to 1916 and owned ten yachts. One of them, “Sybil” bought from novelist Jules Verne, and his last Yacht “Rumija” was sunk in 1915 on the site of today’s city marina by the Austro-Hungarian gunboats. There is also a hothouse of rust-proof construction, a gift of the Italian King Emanuel, which today serves as a restaurant called “The Prince’s Garden”.

Haj Nehaj

The remains of medieval town Nehaj built in the fifteenth century. It is located at a distance of about 10 km northwest of Bar on the inaccessible hill above the sea at a height of 225 m.
It was first mentioned in 1542, built by the Venetians. In the remains of the town is the church of Sv. Dimitri from the thirteenth century with two altars (Orthodox and Catholic), which are older than the fortifications.