St George Church

St George’s Church

The oldest church in Podgorica

Podgorica’s oldest and prettiest church is placed between fragrant trees at the foot of Gorica hill, after which the town was named. The church was built between IX and XI century. During the turbulent history it had several repairs and rebuildings, so that its original look has not been fully preserved. Inside the simple structure, the dark 16th century nave is adorned with 19th century icons and frescoes of an unknown artist. The front room has a small shop where religious trinkets, magnetic icons and candles are sold. For some spooky time, walk into the overgrown derelict cemetery directly behind the church – the sadly vandalized crypts allow you to peek inside graves. The Church of St George is the only church of any historical note in Podgorica En route to the top, you’ll pass a monument to Partisan soldiers, a cumbersome white block sheltering a black marble tomb; the inscription, in Cyrillic, simply says “Partisan”.