Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan – the playground of the rich and famous, with its surrounding landscapes is the crown jewel of the Adriatic

The peninsula Sveti Stefan is located in the little town neighboring Budva, called Bečići. Its first mention is as the capital of the community Pastrovici. After their independent status since the 12th century, the Republic of Venice proclaimed the Pastrovici as their protectorate in 1423. The Pastrovici accepted Venetian sovereignty because they feared an attack from the Ottoman Empire. In return for ceasing piracy against Venetian ships, the Venetian Republic liberated Paštrovići from any tribute to Venice and granted them considerable autonomy. According to a legend recounted by Stjepan Mitrov Ljubiša, after Pastrovici looted Turkish ships moored in front of Jaz during Barbarossa’s siege of Kotor in 1539, they constructed the town fortification.

In the 15th century, the village was built to defend against the Turks and became a haven for the Adriatic pirates. Initially, the island had 12 families. In the 1800s, a village was established on the island with about 400 people. Villa Milocer, built between 1934 and 1936, was the summer residence of Queen Marija Karadjordevic (1900–1961) of Serbia’s Karadjordevic family. It was refurbished as part of the Aman Sveti Stefan resorts that opened in 2008–2009.