Virpazar with all the beauty circled around it is to visitor’s eyes like poetry to ears. This petite settlement is blessed with peace, serenity and the most beautiful hinterland you might imagine.

Virpazar is nestled on the banks of national park Lake Skadar. It belongs to the municipality of Bar and it is located in the heart of the Crmnica region, only 15 kilometers from the sea. In the summer season Virpazar is mostly visited by travellers who love nature, national parks and protected areas. Virpazar is the center of all happenings in Crmnica region. During the summer season many of the cultural and entertainment events such as “Days of Skadar Lake”, “Crmnica sports games”, literary evenings, artists colony, performances at the festival “Bar Chronicle” while in the winter you can enjoy the festival “Days of wine and bleak The old part of Virpazar is connected via bridges on the Oraovstica and Virstica rivers, after which this settlement used to be called “a town on three bridges”.

Best time to visit Virpazar

Virpazar is mostly visited in the warm summer days between July and August by visitors who like to “get away” from the noise of the larger cities. However they seldom stay longer than two days or they leave as soon as their tour on Skadar lake ends. This however is a mistake. Virpazar with all the surrounding beauty and untouched nature of Skadar lake is a fountain of youth and a rejuvenation paradise. The best time to visit Virpazar is with the first signs to the middle of spring, when the entire flora and fauna come alive and turn the whole national park into a canvas of nature.