Nestled in the deep and dry land of the Lustica Peninsula, overlooking the open sea, is an oasis of overwhelming beauty, and tranquility.

Zanjic is a white pebble beach, in a bow of old olive groves and crystal clear sea. The beach is 300 m long, 15m wide, and its capacity is estimated to situate 1000 people. The hinterlands of Zanjic is a beautiful olive grove with olive trees more than 200 years old. Here you can enjoy the slow-paced summer days and lounge to the calming sounds of tree crickets. Zanjic is a place where time seems still. Sunsets here are spectacular. With each end of the day, the horizon takes a different color.

Unlike some beaches, that entertain, Zanjic is more about relaxation than partying and dancing. This beach is not within the Boka Bay, but the open sea. Therefore the temperature of the sea at Zanjic is slightly chillier than inside the Boka Bay. Visitors staying in Herceg Novi, Tivat, and neighboring places favor this beach because of what it offers. Refreshing, clear water, and picturesque scenery are only parts of what you can enjoy at Zanjic. The beach is very family-friendly since the water is very shallow for at least ten meters before turning deeper. There are several restaurants steps away from the beach, where you can enjoy the best of cuisine as well as cold and hot beverages.

What to do at Zanjic?

Zanjic is the kind of beach that best serves its purpose, rest, and relaxation. Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, this beach always has a quiet place where it can be just you. Get your towel out, grab a sunbed, and let the long day of rest begin. If the sun gets too much for you, the olive groves are the perfect retreat. Also, the restaurants offer great cocktails and snacks. If things get a little too slow, you can stroll along the coast to the Miriste cove, and visit the Arza fortress. If you are the exploring type, you can also get on a boat tour to the two most fantastic places near Zanjice, the Blue Cave and Mamula.

The Blue Cave is a small cavern on the tip of the Lustica peninsula. The name of the cave comes from the sparkling bright blue color of the water. The sunlight reflects off the bottom of the cave, creating a perfect illumination of the water and the cave. According to legends, the cave also served as a hiding place for pirate gold. Some say there are still treasures left at the bottom of the cave. It is a fun trip, and you can go for a swim inside the cave. The experience is exhilarating and will look amazing on photos.

The Mamula fortress lies on the circular island named Lastavica (Eng: Swallow). Constructed in 1853 by Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula as a fortification to defend the entrance of the Kotor Bay, it is an architectural masterpiece. Despite its beauty, the fort became infamous during WWII, when it served as a concentration camp. Even with its unfortunate role of human suffering in the past, Mamula is popular among visitors for its beauty.

Boats from Zanjic go to the Blue Cave and Mamula all the time, and the trip only costs 3 Euros per person to go and get a marvelous experience.
You can find trips from Herceg Novi to Zanjic, Blue Cave, and Mamula here

How to get to Zanjic?

By Boat

Since it is a very favored beach, tour boats from Herceg Novi come and go all day long.
You can either go to Herceg Novi and get a boat or arrange a pick up from the place you are residing ( tour boats in Herceg Novi usually make pickups from neighboring places: Meljine, Igalo, Savina, Zelenika).
Fares cost between 3-4 Euros per person for one-way tickets.
Return tickets cost between 6-8 Euros per person. The additional trip to the Blue Cave and Mamula cost between 2-3 Euros per person.
You are not obligated to get a return ticket. You can get a one-way and return with a different boat. However, we always recommend getting a return ticket in case there is no room with other vessels.

By Car

Another way to get to the beach is by car. With light to no traffic, it takes 1-2 hrs to get to Zanjic. During the summer season, traffic can be a bit slower in some days. Even by car, it is a lovely trip. You drive along the winding Kotor Bay, seeing all its beauty. After you pass the Tivat airport, you will dive into the flawless beauty and stunning views of the Lustica peninsula. Open google maps direction to Zanjic

Interesting about Zanjic

Zanjic used to be an almost deserted place where people used to come to escape from the crowds from the larger cities in Montenegro. With time Zanjic became a popular destination for summer houses that people would build to spend their vacation there or even enjoy their retirement. Today, Zanjic is becoming a popular destination for most visitors of Tivat, Herceg Novi, and the neighboring towns. There are all sorts of apartments, villas and other rentals that you can book to spend a few days on Zanjic. At the moment there are no hotels on Zanjic, which does not mean that there won’t be any in the close future, especially since the Lustica peninsula is rapidly becoming a popular summer destination in Montenegro. Nearby, there are the Blue Cave and the Isle of Mamula with an old Austrian fortress. You can reach them by private boats or as a part of the tour organized by Letsgotomontenegro.