In the beautiful bay of Herceg Novi, not far from the town itself lies a small town covered in the color of nature and greenery, Zelenika. The small town is very beautiful and peaceful, ideal for travelers who want to get out of the noise of larger cities.

Zelenika offers its visitors plenty of room for walking, beaches, esplanade along the coast and plenty of cafes and restaurants. As for the beaches the two most visited are Zmjice (Snake, due to its snake-like shape) and Sarajevska (an old resort that was owned by the city of Sarajevo Bosnia and Hercegovina)
Zelenika also has a football stadium that visitors may use for jogging and working out, the stadium is frequently used as a landing spot for paragliders and it is not unusual to see more of them during summer season. In closing Zelenika is a perfect place for a family vacation since it has very much to offer for people who like a family vacation.