Citroen C Elysee

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Chevrolet Aveo

The Chevrolet Aveo is a superb choice when renting. The car is sturdy in construction comfortable on the wheels and will never let you down during transportation.

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Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a little limo with state of the art features for both passenger comfort as well as safety. This German all-star shows more than just class on the roads it also has a lot of power for great performance. With a maximum of five passengers (four for perfect comfortableness) the Audi A4 will get you from A to B with style.

Renting our cars in Montenegro

Our company is based in Herceg Novi, however our cars can be rented to travel to any part of Montenegro and all have the appropriate paperwork to travel outside the borders of Montenegro. All our cars are properly insured but we always advise our customers to drive with caution since there is a lot of traffic during the summer season and your safety is our primary concern.

Who can rent our cars?

Every person who is older than 18 and has a valid drivers license can rent our cars. Although for the younger population we prefer drivers who have had a valid drivers license and two years of driving experience (or at least accompanied by a more experienced driver). Any other persons with no driving experience, no valid drivers license or travel document (ID/Passport) cannot rent any of our cars.

Do i need an International Drivers License in Montenegro?

Many drivers ask us this question and the answer to this is YES you do need an International Drivers License in Montenegro.The truth is that many drivers don’t posses one while driving in Montenegro and many times our police are wiling to forgive if a driver does not posses one, however it is the law in Montenegro (as well as other countries) to have a valid international drivers license when driving in another country. So please before you come to Montenegro get a valid international drivers license to avoid any problems.

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Renault Trafic – Passenger with driver


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Toyota Camri

Toyota Camri will never leave you hanging or stuck. This town car is perfect for a group of up to five people to hit the road.

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Ford Focus

The Ford Focus will provide any driver with the best performance for a smooth driving. If you are on holiday with your family this would be one for the best choices you can make when renting a car. It is spacious, fast, comfortable and can take a lot of baggage.

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Chrisler Town & Country

Getting around town with your whole family or group of friends has never been easier. The Chrisler Town and Country transporter has more than enough space to accommodate five people and all of your luggage.

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Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze is the perfect choice for longer trips providing all the comfort for driver and passengers. This representative of the Chevrolet family will leave leave you in awe with everything it has packed and will get you to your desired destination in no time. Discounts for longer rental is possible.

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The VW Passat comes from a car manufacturer that unifies luxury, comfort and stability with price and affordability. The Passat will deliver amazing performance as well as an economic drive with an incredible feeling of comfort for all passengers.

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