Skadar Lake Tour is an unforgettable, rejuvenating experience of the most beautiful lake in Montenegro, lake Skadar. While on our tour you will see the largest lake in Montenegro, intoxicating views of nature, some of the last pelicans in Europe and ruins of ancient and secretive monuments and monasteries. Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Montenegro and one of the five national parks of this beautiful country. Regardless of the time of season, every traveler visiting Montenegro should experience lake cruising on lake Skadar.

As one of the five national parks in Montenegro, Skadar Lake has a lot to offer. We are here to suggest to you routes which, in our opinion, are the most beautiful and will leave an everlasting memory of the beauty surrounding the lake. All routes begin in Virpazar. This small picturesque town was founded in 19th century and named by whirl (vir), where the locals came by boats to the market place where they were selling their homemade products. Virpazar has around 300 citizens and its located on the delta of rivers Crmnica and Orahovstica, it has three magnificent bridges with a medieval fortress Besac above them.

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